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Routine Access Policy

Policy Statement
Consistent with the spirit and intent of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPOP) Act, Trade Centre Limited will first respond to requests for certain categories of records by means other than requiring a formal application under the FOIPOP Act.

Trade Centre Limited classifies certain records as available through routine access subject to the limitations specified in this policy as listed in "Schedule A" which forms part of this policy.

Purpose / Objectives 
The purpose of this policy is to provide a pro-active approach to access to information that reflects the spirit of openness and accountability embodied in the FOIPOP Act; specifically to identify categories of records available on a routine access basis.

This Routine Access Policy shall be administered in accordance with the following principles:

A.  Third Party Privacy / Confidentiality Records classified as available on a routine
      basis will be reviewed for personal information, confidential business information and
      other information that may be exempted from disclosure in accordance with the FOIPOP
      Act and any such identified information may be severed from the record prior to

B.  Timeliness Trade Centre Limited shall apply best efforts to respond to routine access
      requests in a reasonable and timely fashion.

C.  Transparency This policy shall be available upon request and posted on Trade Centre
      Limited website.

D.  Cost Recovery Fees for the reproduction and provision of records may be charged
      where authorized by policies, regulations or statutes.

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